Pure Storage Announces Evergreen Storage Service Enhancement

Pure Storage helps organizations modernize with extended and unified Storage-as-a-Service subscription for HybridCloud environments. With Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for on-premises, hosted, and public cloud – ES2 for Data Protection – enterprises can seamlessly manage their data anywhere.

Source – http://www.digitalnibbles.com/

Pure Storage, a provider of data solutions designed to help innovative organizations use data more efficiently and effectively, announced the expansion of Evergreen Storage Service (ES2). Pure Storage’s goal is to offer customers a unified subscription model in hybrid environments. This enables organizations to leverage Pure Storage’s industry-leading storage-as-a-service model on-premise, hosted and in the cloud without managing multiple subscriptions or purchasing separate, overlapping capacities.

  • In addition, Pure Storage also announced ES2 for backup data, designed to modernize data protection environments with a flash to flash to cloud architecture.
  • With ES2, Pure Storage delivers a best-in-class storage-as-a-service offering for block, file, object and backup data.

Successful, modern enterprises must be able to quickly and easily leverage all the infrastructure tools at their disposal to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive, data-driven marketplace. For many, it means aligning application workloads with the most effective cloud infrastructure and extracting value from data, no matter where it is located. A single ES2 subscription allows customers to move all or part of their pay-per-use block storage capacity between environments without adjusting their contract.

“Moving to the cloud requires a degree of flexibility that traditional vendors are unable to provide. Pure focuses on leading the market with an approach that does not tie IT investments to capital investments that only serve on-premises architectures,” said Robson Grieve, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Storage. “Now Pure customers with an on-premises ES2 subscription can immediately stop their CAPEX investments and benefit from the flexibility of a true per-pay-per-use OPEX model. Over time, organizations can securely and easily move portions of this subscription to the cloud without incurring additional costs from Pure.”

Pure’s Unified Hybrid Cloud Storage-as-a-Service model is designed to make moving to the cloud easier, faster and less risky. Pure provides an integrated set of tools and APIs under a common subscription model to help customers deliver storage with more flexibility, less complexity and lower costs.

This allows customers to begin their hybrid journey anywhere and move their data in any direction without additional resources. It also enables users to deploy cloud infrastructures quickly and easily to reduce costs and increase agility. They can also test new configurations before final deployment by moving data without the hassle of new contracts or subscriptions.

“For Pure customers, this offering completes the hybrid cloud image. With Cloud Block Store, Pure brings enterprise functionality to the public cloud for the first time. With ES2 for On-Premises, Pure brought the public cloud experience into the traditional storage environment for the first time. Now the unification of the subscription model completes the picture for Pure customers today and tomorrow,” said Eric Burgener, Research Vice President for Enterprise Infrastructure at IDC. “Offers like this offer a seamless hybrid cloud environment with a unified cloud experience across all locations”.

ES2 subscribers will soon be able to take advantage of this unified approach with Pure Cloud Block Store, an enterprise block store running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud Block Store is designed to allow business-critical applications to run smoothly in the cloud. The offering is currently in a limited beta phase and will be generally available in the second half of 2019. Beta customers are already using Cloud Block Store to handle a wide range of workloads in a variety of industries, from retail and finance to clinical medicine.

Pure’s new Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for Modern Data Protection uses the combination of Pure FlashBlade™ and Pure ObjectEngine™ to modernize data protection beyond the disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) approach. So far, Purpose-built Backup Appliance (PBBA) architectures have been offered for this purpose. Pure’s new Storage-as-a-Service solution, which complements leading third-party backup products, combines compelling backup performance and storage efficiency with extremely high and predictable recovery performance compared to traditional PBBAs. With ES2 for data protection, enterprises can save money through a flexible infrastructure and the economics of the cloud. They can maximize data reuse by eliminating backup silos created based on legacy D2D2T approaches.