How good is Private Internet Access as a VPN?

Seven Questions and Answers to Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by London Trust Media Inc., a US-based corporation who specialise in internet security. The mission statement of the firm will be to work towards returning the world wide web as somewhere to research freely, with no anxiety about censorship or surveillance, to its initial state.

The VPN service is advertised as having several distinct uses, including supplying raising seclusion and online security and functioning as a way to circumvent censorship. It’s also built to guard users from several malicious dangers that were on-line, including snooping, hacking, tracking and data collection.

The way that It Works

After installing the client program, Private Internet Access offers multi-layered security and secrecy. Among the layers is IP masking, which tunnelling a user’s web data by means of a server achieves. This permits an individual to take the IP address of the server on, preventing tracking and observation and protecting their identity.

As a result of how the user’s accurate place is hidden, the VPN also can be employed to work around geographic and censorship limitations on content that was on-line. For instance, by connecting to your server in America, access can be gained by a UK resident to content that is generally limited to US citizens.

Additionally, all traffic is encrypted, so that you can ensure it’s safe. That is valuable as it prevents the interception of snooping, or information. Without encryption, private files, accounts and a user’s connection could possibly be exposed to other individuals as well as hackers seeking unauthorised access. More in this PrivateInternetAccess Review.


The service uses encryption that is on the basis of the Blowfish CBC algorithm as well as the OpenVPN protocol is used as standard. But several other encryption protocols are supported, including IPSec/L2TP, PPTP and SOCKS5. Protocols may be fixed inside the settings and each have their individual pros as well as cons.

Furthermore, Private Internet Access service runs a no policy that is logging. What this means is that user action, including downloads, site visits, e-mails and other communications will not be monitored or saved as well as the encryption protects them from surveil even .

PrivateInternetAccess manages servers in various nations on the planet. These are: the Netherlands as well as France, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Romania.

Pricing and Payment Systems

As with other similar services, clients can subscribe to the VPN via several bundles that are distinct. The typical monthly subscription costs $ 6.95, which is pretty realistic. Yet, reductions can be obtained for long term subscribers. A 6 month subscription costs $ 35.95, while a one year subscription comes to only $ 39.95 ($ 3.33 per month).

The variety of payment alternatives can be superb, with users able to choose between a lot more and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout. It’s also a good example which takes the Bitcoin money, allowing for greater security and seclusion. Better options can be found on Best VPN


An important plus point is its variety as the service may be used on several distinct devices, running various operating systems that are different. Set Up tutorials for a number of the most widely used of these could be located below:

  • Windows:
  • Mac OSX:
  • Ubuntu:
  • Android:
  • iOS:


The entire selection of set up guides are available by click on this link.

Customer Support

In regards to customer service, features an extensive client support page, including set up guides as well as a support centre. The support centre is basically a knowledge base, which covers the greater part of the essential problems of the item, from fundamental questions.

Yet, for customers who need additional aid, personalised help is by opening up a customer service ticket in the client support part of the site or available via live chat. Response times are often swift and well-informed staff operates both help systems.