Create Your Website With A Website Builder

Step 1: Choose design

Choose from numerous different subject areas or industries such as services, e-commerce, education, events, health, hotels, landing page, travel, sports and many more the appropriate website theme or design for you.

All designs are responive designed. The Website Templates adapt themselves thus to the resolution of the respective terminal such as Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone. You may use all images and graphics of the respective designs on your website free of charge.

The correct choice of the topic of the website has the advantage that certain topic-specific menu items are automatically created for you and you do not have to create each menu item or page yourself. With the “E-Commerce” templates some example articles are already created to simplify the online shop for you to create. The menu items can of course be changed at any time.

Per tip: With the guide you can create your website in a few minutes and learn all homepage building set functions. In addition, there is an import function with which you can import almost any website.

Step 2: Background, colors, fonts, search engines

If you are not satisfied with the background of the given design, you can change the background image or background color in the settings with a single click. Furthermore, you can change the font, font size, font color and color of the links, if desired.

In the SEO item, you can specify a title, description, keywords and search engine friendly URL for each individual page. For beginners in this area, the Website Builder offers detailed help and description for each of these fields. If required, you can also integrate Google Analytics into your website.

Step 3: Drag and drop content to add and edit

A right click on the Edit homepage construction kit pencil icon for the respective content element opens a menu with various options such as “Edit text” or “Change image”. Editing is similarly simple as with well-known word processing programs such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. With one click you can change the font color, style, text alignment, enumerations or create a link to a specific target.

To create a homepage, you can use numerous modules such as Text, Images, Gallery, Youtube, Maps, Contact Form, Language Switch, Social Media, Trade and many more.

Step 4: Publish web page

Once you have created all the desired pages, positioned all the modules, inserted all the texts and images, you can publish your new homepage with the “Publish” button.

Once the website has been successfully published, it can be accessed worldwide immediately. To compare a few of the best website builders on the markets you can visit The modules of most of these providers can easily be placed on the page by drag&drop. By right clicking on the pencil symbol you can determine in the options whether the respective element should only be displayed on the current page or on all pages of your homepage.


What is a Homepage Construction Kit?

The Website Builder is a software with which you can create your own homepage according to the modular principle. The software is accessed via the respective Internet browser, so no local installation on your end device is necessary.

You start the software via your Hosting Control Panel and select the desired design in the first step. An attractive template with sample texts and images is immediately available. You can then either edit and adapt or delete these elements. The individual elements like texts, pictures, videos, contact form, Google Maps, social media etc., which you need to create a homepage, are simply dragged from the menu to the website with the mouse (Drag&Drop) and then adjusted accordingly. With the Website Builder software you can immediately see what the new homepage will look like.

As help for the exact positioning of the elements different grids can be faded in. The length and width of the homepage can also be adjusted simply by dragging the mouse. A separate layout can be activated for each of the different end devices or resolutions. You do not need any web design or programming knowledge, the corresponding source code is automatically created by the Website Builder. When you have finished creating the homepage, you can publish the website by clicking on the “Publish” button. This is then immediately available online and worldwide. Changes can then be made at any time and from almost any device with Internet access. Another click on “Publish” and the changes are immediately online.

Who is the Website Builder suitable for?

The homepage building set addresses itself primarily to beginners for the first time an own homepage to provide and/or users, who do not have HTML or programming knowledge and want to provide themselves nevertheless their own Website. Since you don’t have to write or edit any program codes and don’t have to create your own layout or design, the homepage creation is done in a few minutes. By the different modules you can pull the elements necessary for a homepage simply with the mouse on the desired position and adapt. With the homepage construction kit you can integrate for example also own HTML codes or Google AdSense advertisement. Of course there are also limits to this software. If you wish a software which you can adapt fully and completely to your personal wishes, we recommend a CMS system such as Joomla, Typo3 or WordPress. With these CMS systems, however, a certain training period and a certain technical basic knowledge is necessary. You will also have to update the software itself and the extensions of these systems on a regular basis. This work is also omitted with the Website Builder packages.

Which functions does the Website Builder offer?

The homepage construction kit PREMIUM contains the following modules:
Text, images, picture gallery, Youtube videos, Google Maps, various design elements (buttons, line), contact form, menu, language switch, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.), extended functions (chat, Flash, AdSense, HTML code, Vimeo, calendar, Skype, music), online shop and additional maps (Yandex Maps, Bing Maps, Baidu Maps).

Homepage construction kit settings:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Page title, description, keywords, user-friendly URLs and Google Analytics.
  • Background: Here you can adjust the background and the position.
    Style: Font, font color, link color and font size for the different devices.
  • Favicon: Here you define the small graphic which is visible in the browser next to the address or the respective tab.
  • Settings. SSL, Redirect SSL, redirect from www to not www or vice versa, own meta tags, robots.txt
  • Design: You can have a grid displayed so that you can position the individual elements correctly.

Preview for different devices

To ensure that your new homepage is displayed correctly on all end devices such as smartphones, PCs and tablets, you can test the various resolutions in the preview and make adjustments if necessary. In most cases, however, this is not necessary, since the designs are all responsive (automatic adaptation to the respective display resolution of the end device).


With “Publish” your homepage will be published. At this point you can also backup and restore certain data of your website.

Can I open an online shop with the Website Builder?

Yes, this is also possible with the Website Builder. The onlineshop module is included in the homepage construction kit PREMIUM package. You can drag the Onlineshop system completely simply with the mouse on the desired position of the web page. Here already some example articles are put on around you the putting on of new products to facilitate. With the products you can determine designation, category, price, article number, description, article picture and currency. The shopping cart is a module in its own right and is also positioned at the desired location using drag&drop. With this module, the payment providers are then defined, this is done by simply activating. Depending on the payment provider, you only have to enter the respective e-mail address (e.g. for PayPal) or the respective ID of your account. For common payment providers like PayPal Express Checkout Buttons are available. So the customer can pay the goods with one click.